Asset Development

Home Buyer Education Classes
This series of 1-7 must be completed prior to enrolling in any other classes.

  1. Mortgage Loans
  2. The Closing Process
  3. Budgeting in Regards to Homeownership
  4. Saving
  5. The Potential of Future Recapture Tax when using MSHDA Mortgage Products
  6. Foreclosure Prevention/Predatory Lending
  7. Basic Home and Financial Maintenance

The key to a future with stability and economic well being.

Class Locations
Eaton, Rural Ingham & Lansing
1301 Rensen Street in Lansing
Clinton and Shiawassee County
1845 Corunna Avenue in Owosso
Additional Classes for LINKS
Eligible Families
Financial Management/Economic LiteracySeries in financial management.

Pre-Purchase Credit Repair (Individual Counseling)

One-one counseling for families needing assistance in resolving credit issues, including assisting families in applying for Pre-Purchase Credit Repair grant funds.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

One-one counseling for LINKS eligible families with a list of home inspectors for pre-purchase inspection.

Home Maintenance Training

Training for LINKS elibible families that have a commitment for a MSHDA Loan Product or have purchased a home using a MSHDA loan product in the last 12 months.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Counseling to LINKS eligible families who are homeowners and in danger of losing their home to foreclosure.

Key to Own Program Counseling

Pre-Purchase Education, Financial Management/Economic Literacy, or Pre-Purchase Individual Counseling to FSS and HCV program participants.

Home Choice Counseling

One-one counseling for disabled individuals and/or a family member who is attempting to purchase a home using a Fannie Mae Mortgage Product.

HELP Loan Counseling

One-one counseling & completion of a HELP application to prevent foreclosure for families with a MSHDA Loan Product.

Down Payment Assistance Delinquency Counseling

One-one counseling for individuals that have a down payment assistance loan from MSHDA and are in danger of losing their home due to foreclosure.

HUD Referral Counseling

One-one counseling in a wide variety of counseling services for families referred by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to MSHDA approved counseling agencies.

Capital Area Community Services
…providing programs for people in the City of Lansing, Clinton, Eaton, rural Ingham and Shiawassee counties since 1964.

…opening doors to opportunity through pathways to self-sufficiency.