Home Ownership

Foreclosure Prevention
Home Buyer Education
Individual Development Accounts
C.A.C.S. Pathways to self-sufficiency. . .

  • The program participant saves $1,000 in a savings account and, (through MI IDA partnership funding) their savings is matched with $3,000 to help with the down payment on a home. The match is given to the participant FREE of CHARGE!

Home Buyer Education Classes for LINKS Eligible Families

  • Home Buyer Education classes are available to help prospective home buyers assess their readiness for home ownership and learn what they need to do to be successful.
  • Individual counseling is available for families needing assistance in resolving credit issues, including assisting families in applying for Pre-Purchase Credit Repair grant funds.
  • Home Buyer Education classes prepare new “Home Owners” for the responsibilities related to home ownership and provides valuable information on how to “keep their home.”

Asset Development is the Key to a Future with Stability and Economic well being.

Asset Development

Individual Development Account Program